Enlightened…am not!(Am on the way)

I was on cloud nine

After successfully opening a blog account, and managing to post a few writeups, I was satisfied. (You see, I did it all on my own…no mean feat!) But this smug feeling was not to last long. The day after my tentative start, that’s yesterday, a friend of mine pointed out certain grounds which I have not covered. This friend(father_sphinx, to be precise) frivolously told me that comments to my blog were held for moderation and certain posts seem to be not where they were supposed to be. I was aghast! (P.S. My blog is not allowed to have deficiencies without my knowledge. Please inform.) I immediately asked him for the remedial actions. But alas! He was having a splitting headache and had to lie sleep it off. So…I was left with no choice but to venture out on my own.

expertly clicked on the buttons aligning over the top portion of my account. Then I started. Click-pause-back-click-pause…and it went on. I finally had to admit defeat about an hour later. 😦

Today, I was just checking my orkut account and replying to the familiar names, a new scrap arrived. “OK…I’m free now“. Jumping at the chance, I immediately fired off questions as to how to correct my glaring mistakes. I was shown the path to enlightenment. And…I happily walked up the road.

However, I’m not saying that I will stick to this path. After all, I’m only HUMAN.



  1. lolzz…. the bad manner in me is that.. i love to sleep off when friends needed me… and that is why they use to call me “induh pa”. but there are times when i would perform the “somnambulism” hehehe….

    everything is learnt by experience. we have experience from doing things wrong.

  2. Sandman Said:

    I don’t know why, for a first time blogger, fater_sphinx introduced you directly to wordpress?

    WordPress is for people with more experience, whereas Blogger (blogspot) would be the ideal host for a newbie like you. It is much more user-friendly with WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) with a large community network, whereas wordpress is much more powerful than blogger but not everyone will find it easy to utilize that potential.

  3. Hey… i didn’t introduced wordpress…. the first time i knew she blogs, there were already 4 posts… lolz .

  4. chawngtinleri Said:

    I didn’t know about it either…:) I definitely am a newbie, but i ndo like freebies…u know, the handout kinds. hehe. Hope to stay connected.

  5. Be sure to submit your blog here

  6. Sandman Said:

    Yes please come and register at Mizo Bloggers Directory. Many of your friends are already there. Also, don’t forget to submit a photograph 🙂

  7. sercop Said:

    Hey Chawngtinler, blogspot ah rawn insawn ve daih rawh 🙂

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