The stone’s been roll’d away!!

After three sleepless nights, I managed to scramble out of bed, bleary-eyed. Haven’t slept much these days and I have to be fresh and alert for my presentation today. Weary bones aching I literally dragged myself off to class. What a pain to see all those cheerful faces, grinning away as if they have no care in this world.

With a heavy heart I managed to park myself on the chair about half the length of the class away from the professor’s perch. With a confidence I was not feeling at all I croaked( at least to my ears!) out my paper to the listening pulsing mass of flesh. When the last word left my mouth, I felt a thundering silence envelop my whole body, engulfing me in its comforting  numbness. It was catharsis.

To see the slow smile spread across the lecteur’s face was bliss. The piercing eyes never left my face but I was too relieved to notice…it does not matter anymore!

A burden has been lifted from my shoulders, the stone’s been roll’ed away!!



  1. reminds me of our wasted days and sleepless nights…. 😀

    once during our matriculation exams, i studied science subject the whole night.. (that was the first and last) went to school to write my papers. Hmmmm….. after writing 1 page, i started to doze off… i’ve tried hard enough to keep myself awake, but i couldn’t. I want to write the ‘things’ that ive learnt the night before, but couldn’t concentrate on my writings. My head kept swinging back and forth…..zzzzzzzzzz….i could not write anything… last i gave up.. i just keep on writing with my hands, without my brains…..hahah…

    the day when our results came out, i was amazed!!! i get 65 marks straight…. 😀

  2. Sandman Said:

    Thanx for registering, will update asap.

    In the mean time, would you like your latest posts to be listed at too?

  3. chawngtinleri Said:

    that would be great! thanks! 🙂

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