Auld Lang Syne…

With the smell of thlasik in the air, God knows what’s on my mind. Can’t wait to go home yet commitments weigh me down. Another ten days to go…

“So this is Christmas…and what have you done…” What have I done? Attended a number of pre-Christmas parties, lengkhawm, etc but what have I done for others? I’m rather ashamed to say thatI can’t think of anything in particular at the moment. My mind rushes back to those days when a few of my siblings and ‘cousins’ would go to nearby villages and distribute whatever meagre goods we have collected from our respective families. Now all I think about is how soon it will all be over and the amount of work that will have accumulated by the time I get back to Delhi.

Rather than thoughts of Christmas, it is the coming year that looms on my mind. I wonder what goes through yours…



  1. monster Said:

    remembering last christmas eh!! chuan and our new year resolution lol!! kan hlohtlinpui em? or are we back to square one heehee

  2. chawngtinleri Said:

    lolz…i think its about the second square…..square one exerts too strong a pull, hope i can resist…hahhaha

  3. Peter_de_Ace Said:

    Oh Khaw’nge maw i awm tak reuh le
    Eng engemaw te hi i ziak ve tak neuh neuh a
    Ka ‘post’ e te i ti vel thul !
    Heh Heh Heh
    Thu te hi i lo thiam ve tawh reuh hle mai !
    Tunlai engnge i tih thrin ???

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