Merry(?) Christmas!

Hehe…It’s been a while and I thought I already bade goodbye to blogging. But here I am, out of the blue. Maybe because I am so blue myself…

Almost everyone has left for home for the festive season and here I am, stuck in my rented flat, holing out with Mama. My mind cannot even grasp the idea that Christmas is just round the corner. So here I am, sitting in front of the computer, looking for some ‘special’ recipes that will help me in rekindling the nostalgia that I am supposed to feel. Rum punch, roast chicken(our version of a big fat turkey!), apple pies…all I’m thinking of is the amount of reading to be done before this year decides to make way for the new one…

Well, I hope you guys out there are faring much better than I do…Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas!!



  1. Sandman Said:

    hahahaha!!! Now that was a looong break! 😀 Welcome back 🙂 Was surprised to receive a notification that you made a new post too, I thought you’ve stopped blogging 🙂 Are we going to see regular posts from now on? 🙂

  2. joseph Said:

    M, nizanah pawh kan lo len kha. chaw kan lo ei kha. Haha

  3. Anonymous Said:

    oh well my dear, great to see some activity in your blog again, remembering few years back, on the cold winter night, with custard caramel on our laps, we dashed off in the green and yellow lols…repeat leh dawn??? See you soon

  4. chawngtinleri Said:

    Let’s see…net connection’s down at the mo, so m not too sure. :)I remember that night vividly dear…cya around. lol

  5. Andy Varte Said:

    I just stumbled onto your blog… and I like the way you express yourself.. I’m new to blogging but I definitely think the way you put down your thoughts is more fluent and inviting than most… do continue blogging..

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