Down memory lane…

Reading father_sphinx’s blog and going on to some others made me think tonight. The recollections of childhood incidents and the memories they give us contribute a great deal to our perception of life today. Especially mine.

I remember one incident when I went on an unauthorised swimming trip. My parents – as parents were –Β  did not allow me and my siblings to go for swims in the local popular water bodies, my father firmly declaring that it was dangerous. One fine morning, never realising that it was a Sunday, I went for a ‘morning walk’ with some of my friends. We headed straight for the ‘spot’ at Champhai zawl which was about 4km from my house. Greatly enjoying the water, we forgot all about the danger of returning late and took our time splashing about. By the time we reached home, it was about 10:30 am. My parents were frantic and about 20 people had gathered at our place. They were just about to go in search of us and there we were. Not knowing where we went, they had waited and waited and finally informed some of our close relatives and family friends.

Scared with all the attention and remembering my father’s decree, I entered the house full of apprehension. Expecting to be scolded or even beaten, I along with my friend (who lives nextdoor) were led into the bedroom by my mom. There she made us kneel…I was dead scared. Then she knelt in front of us, put her hands over our heads and prayed. The tears falling from her eyes, thanking the good Lord of our safe return, was more than I could bear. All the relief I felt at not being beaten or scolded was immediately replaced by remorse and guilt. I can still recall that moment vividly.

My parents’ reaction and my friend’s family’s was totally different. Her family really didn’t even bother to know where she was and she didn’t get even a scolding. Maybe they were relying on my mother’s prayers…I don’t know.

When I look back and think, I am really thankful that my parents did what they did. That incident capped by the prayer made a lasting memory, much more than a severe beating would have done. I never went on unauthorised trips after that. However, on a deeper level, the utter remorse I felt at that time must have made a greater impact than I thought. For a long long time I kept as far away from water bodies as possible. A girl who loved water enough to go against her parents wishes do not know how to swim more than ten years later.

This made me think and think and think. Even though I’ve heard it a million times before, I have just woken up to the reality of just how much my childhood influences the way I think and consequently live. This made me thirst for more knowledge and recollections of my childhood days so that I can know myself better. I’ve been trying to know more and overcome sub-concious fears lurking around at the back of my brain…starting with swimming.



  1. VaiVa Said:

    Bawitlai-ah ni maw in chen ruk a? Nice post… after a long gap though πŸ˜›

    Sis, were you such an out doorsy? If I were your mom, I’d have given you one tight slap πŸ˜› *period*

    Bawitlai, Holy Cross ho swimming pool leh Seventh Day tlang tuikhuah kan chen ruk thin lai min ti ngai. Tui bal kha kan han kai haw phuar zel a πŸ˜€

    • Ahaha..a hming phei chu ka hre lo..phai ah, kawngsir a mi pil ve theih trep2 na ani!! lolzz.

      Khami zinga min hauh ka hlauh zia kha chu ooo…tren tren tren ni top mai. πŸ™‚

      • madika Said:

        tha lutuk

  2. I couldn’t help but smile to myself reading the 2nd paragraph. Thinking about how your big bro would describe the pleasant and satisfying nature of swimming… making you all eager to go for a splash!! Oh, the temptation he’d build…. haha

    Good for you, reaching home safe and sound was a miracle. When you’re not allowed to do anything, and you do it sneaking from your elders. You are most likely to meet an accident.!! ghoossss….

    Your post reminds me of the days when we’d go to Tlawng river every Saturdays. Gone are the days.

    Oh btw, you’re parents should have slapped you once or twice… so, you’ll never learn and repeat the same story again and again (beating will only make you stubborn). You may accomplish something big today, maybe a gold medal at Olympic. who knows??

    • chawngtinleri Said:

      I know how lucky I am to have arrived home safe and sound. One of the major reasons for my parents’ panic was that it was peak monsoon. A couple of children had already drowned and they were thinking along the lines of us having gone for a swim, which we did of course!! πŸ˜€

      Now I know exactly how you and VaiVa would have reacted had your children been in the same boat..lolzz!

      Let me finish my lessons. Who knows, I might even give Michael Phelps a run for his money!! (in like, a hundred years..muahahaha!)

  3. Kima Said:

    hihihi… interesting memory. Even I would never forget such an incident if I went through one.

    So you still don’t know how to swim? Its very easy. Just remember two words. “Don’t Panic”. And after that, you’ll find swimming extremely easy. As your head goes under the water, keep reminding yourself.. “don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic…” After that, staying afloat comes naturally.

    • Lolzz..wish it was that easy!! My arms and legs refuse to coordinate.

      If this doesn’t work, I’m planning a trip to the Dead Sea!! :p

  4. mesjay Said:

    Childhood escapades, all of us have had our wild moments, eh! Congrats on your wise, caring parents. They must have made a real deep impact on your psyche.

    • Thanks..they really do. Sometimes I wonder if its a lil too much. πŸ™‚

  5. NotGood Said:

    Funny this is my fist time here, considering the fact that you’ve been blogging far longer than I have..
    Once when we were kids, mom got this NUTTIES chocolate for me and sis, and when we thought it was over, she pretended to pull them off the pic on the cover (She had some hidden in her palm) and to this day, I always remember that incident when I see a Nutties chocolate box. It was not till we were well into our teenhood that she told us the secret, which had been a huge mystery to us till then.
    I guess the joy of Parenthood is being a Hero to a Kid, a Teacher to a Teen and a Best Friend to an Adult!

    • I’m not too good at updating my blog…hehe.

      That was a wonderful trick your mother used to perform..keeping the wonder alive in your lives. πŸ™‚ Parenthood seems easy but I think it must be one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

  6. opahmar Said:

    I havnt come across ur blog before. Nice layout first of all. Champhai zawl…sounds like my grandpa’s place. And yeah, maybe u shud have gotten a nice beating like Vaiva said (grinning). And ur parents reaction was simply full of love, and having realised it then, you were lucky.
    As for swimming, get googles, they really help; if u can see under water, half of the fear factor is gone….i still cant float, but can swim reasonaby well in a pool

    • Thanks…:)

      I can now float if I hold my breath but swimming is still a li’l far off. It’s been raining and I don’t have access to an indoor pool and can’t practice. I should try out the goggles though…even only in front of the mirror!! lol.

  7. Zolengthe Said:


    Nice reading ya writing. The more our parents bother about where and what we are, it is for the better of us, but we youngster dint understand about this. We will understand when we are only a parent.

  8. ku2 Said:

    ka blog ah ka link che o

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