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Ave Maria…

She was lost in so many different ways
Out in the darkness with no guide
I know the cost of a losing hand
There for the Grace of God go I

I found heaven on Earth
You were my last, my first
And then I hear this voice inside
Ave Maria

I’ve been alone
When I’m surrounded by friends
How could the silence be so loud
But I still go home knowing that I’ve got you
There’s only us when the lights go down

You are my heaven on Earth
You are my hunger, my thirst
I always hear this voice inside
Singing Ave Maria

Sometimes love can come and pass you by
While you’re busy making plans
Suddenly hits you and then you realize
It’s out of your hands
Baby you got to understand

You are my heaven on earth
You are my last, my first
And then I hear this voice inside
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria…


Merry(?) Christmas!

Hehe…It’s been a while and I thought I already bade goodbye to blogging. But here I am, out of the blue. Maybe because I am so blue myself…

Almost everyone has left for home for the festive season and here I am, stuck in my rented flat, holing out with Mama. My mind cannot even grasp the idea that Christmas is just round the corner. So here I am, sitting in front of the computer, looking for some ‘special’ recipes that will help me in rekindling the nostalgia that I am supposed to feel. Rum punch, roast chicken(our version of a big fat turkey!), apple pies…all I’m thinking of is the amount of reading to be done before this year decides to make way for the new one…

Well, I hope you guys out there are faring much better than I do…Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas!!


Now I realise the full extent of keeping a blog…

I have often heard mentions of how keeping a blog updated is a mean task, I never knew the extent of such a comment. I thought I was going to have fun, you know, like writing on stuff which overflows…like it was going to be a pensieve. Guess I don’t need it half as much as Dumbledore did. Anyways, here’s to the new year… I always say, “Better late than never”.

Auld Lang Syne…

With the smell of thlasik in the air, God knows what’s on my mind. Can’t wait to go home yet commitments weigh me down. Another ten days to go…

“So this is Christmas…and what have you done…” What have I done? Attended a number of pre-Christmas parties, lengkhawm, etc but what have I done for others? I’m rather ashamed to say thatI can’t think of anything in particular at the moment. My mind rushes back to those days when a few of my siblings and ‘cousins’ would go to nearby villages and distribute whatever meagre goods we have collected from our respective families. Now all I think about is how soon it will all be over and the amount of work that will have accumulated by the time I get back to Delhi.

Rather than thoughts of Christmas, it is the coming year that looms on my mind. I wonder what goes through yours…

The stone’s been roll’d away!!

After three sleepless nights, I managed to scramble out of bed, bleary-eyed. Haven’t slept much these days and I have to be fresh and alert for my presentation today. Weary bones aching I literally dragged myself off to class. What a pain to see all those cheerful faces, grinning away as if they have no care in this world.

With a heavy heart I managed to park myself on the chair about half the length of the class away from the professor’s perch. With a confidence I was not feeling at all I croaked( at least to my ears!) out my paper to the listening pulsing mass of flesh. When the last word left my mouth, I felt a thundering silence envelop my whole body, engulfing me in its comforting  numbness. It was catharsis.

To see the slow smile spread across the lecteur’s face was bliss. The piercing eyes never left my face but I was too relieved to notice…it does not matter anymore!

A burden has been lifted from my shoulders, the stone’s been roll’ed away!!

Enlightened…am not!(Am on the way)

I was on cloud nine

After successfully opening a blog account, and managing to post a few writeups, I was satisfied. (You see, I did it all on my own…no mean feat!) But this smug feeling was not to last long. The day after my tentative start, that’s yesterday, a friend of mine pointed out certain grounds which I have not covered. This friend(father_sphinx, to be precise) frivolously told me that comments to my blog were held for moderation and certain posts seem to be not where they were supposed to be. I was aghast! (P.S. My blog is not allowed to have deficiencies without my knowledge. Please inform.) I immediately asked him for the remedial actions. But alas! He was having a splitting headache and had to lie sleep it off. So…I was left with no choice but to venture out on my own.

expertly clicked on the buttons aligning over the top portion of my account. Then I started. Click-pause-back-click-pause…and it went on. I finally had to admit defeat about an hour later. 😦

Today, I was just checking my orkut account and replying to the familiar names, a new scrap arrived. “OK…I’m free now“. Jumping at the chance, I immediately fired off questions as to how to correct my glaring mistakes. I was shown the path to enlightenment. And…I happily walked up the road.

However, I’m not saying that I will stick to this path. After all, I’m only HUMAN.

Hi there!

Just read a blog of a friend and wonder of wonders, I felt the need(an urge, rather!!) to share my own experiences, opinions,feelings, etc. Here’s to us!

People who often wonder why, who have had encounter(s) with the ‘alien’ are my mates. People who question ‘Why?’ are my companions…